Janie's Psychic Sessions

You will feel at ease during individual, face to face sessions which take place in a relaxed and friendly environment. Janie is happy to arrange party bookings at locations within a reasonable driving distance. 

Palm Reading - £25
30 minute reading - £35
40 minute reading - £45
1 hour - £55
Party bookings - £10 non-refundable deposit required per person for six or more people.

Voice Call and Video Readings 

Wherever you are in the world, Janie is available for psychic readings. Video readings can take place on WhatsApp, FaceTime and Facebook Messenger. Contact Janie to arrange a suitable time.

Psychic and Clairvoyant

These readings help people answer questions about their past, present and future. Maybe you are coming to a crossroads in your life and wonder what the future may hold. Guidance can be given in love, family, work, finance and health.


A medium acts as a messenger to contact loved ones that have passed on to the spirit world. Often people struggle when loosing someone they are close to and it is hoped that connecting with the deceased will bring a sense of peace and solace. Many find this a comfort, helping them cope better with feelings of grief.

Palm Reading

By looking at the features on a hand the reader can see indications of the persons character and be given insight into future events.

Tea Leaf and Coffee Ground Reading

When tea leaves or coffee grounds are swirled around a cup their final position and the shapes they create show interpretations of a person's life, such as their past, future, character or health.

Spiritual Healing

Using hands that are gently laid on the body, spiritual healing is the transferral of positive energy to the receiver. This aids the removal of negative energies bringing harmony to body and mind.

Past Life

Sometimes past life memories can have an adverse effect on your current spiritual health. Past life healing brings peace to memories of past lives and so helps restore balance to your spiritual self.

Gypsy Cards

Traditional fortune telling tarot card readings.

Spiritual House Cleansing

Please contact Janie for further information.