Suzie (21 Oct 2020) 

Janie is amazing! The things she said that came true were just incredible and not something at all that could have happened to anyone. So individualised and I came away feeling calm and much more positive. Can’t wait to visit her again! X

Rebecca (12 Oct 2020) 

Janie is amazing I love going to see her she puts my mind at ease… always makes me feel comfortable and goes into great detail… fabulous thank you Janie keep it up and I will tell all my friends and family. Take care xx

Beatie (9 Oct 2020) 

Today I had a reading with Janie and it was amazing everything she said was 100% and has made me feel so positive about my future would definitely recommend her such a kind caring lady x

Sheree (Nov 2020) 

I have been coming to Janie for a number of years. I have had reflexology, healing and readings. The readings have always been accurate and helpful in making right decisions. The reflexology and healing have been relaxing and left me in a really good place, when going through difficult times. I would highly recommend Janie to anyone who is truly looking for answers or help to move forward.

V.E. (Summer 2020) 

Where to start! I booked a reading with Janie today and it was beyond good! The things that Janie talked about and felt were so real and matching my current life situations. I'm so glad I booked, highly recommend xx

Denise (15 April 2020) 

I really enjoyed my reading this evening. Spot on X. I will be back again Janie X. Love and light

Caroline (21 Mar 2020) 

I had a reading with Janie this morning and I have to say she blew me away with how accurate she was, she was absolutely spot on with everything. I came away feeling incredibly calm and positive about things and also very comforted by the things she sensed and told me. Janie’s kind and caring nature just adds to the service, she is a very genuine lady and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much Janie xx

Key (Feb 2020) 

I have been to see this lovely talented lady today. What can I say, it’s amazing how somebody you have never met before can see into your life. It’s spooky but fascinating! I could of sat there for hours. I felt very comfortable in Janie’s presence and how accurate and on point she was about aspects of my life. It’s confirmed what the right path for me is, but just need time to change it for me to be happy again! :)) thank you so much. 100% recommendations to this lady.

Selina (Feb 2020) 

Had a reading with Janie and it was an amazing experience, she made me feel so comfortable. I was sceptical going into this but she got so much right about my life that has happened so far. Also has given me hope on what may come in my future. I highly recommend Janie. Such a lovely gifted lady. Thank you so much x

Carl (12 Nov 2019) 

My meeting with Janie couldn’t have gone any better, easing my mind and the way I was feeling. Words were spoken to me that I only knew, and to finish it off she mentioned a watch I had in my pocket and who’s it was, literally the cherry on top for me!

Lyndsey (11 Nov 2019) 

Omg I was so overwhelmed with my reading today and happy I finally found a genuine lady. She is amazing and so precise with my life and messages from loved ones, thank you so so much for my reading you made me have a lot weight lifted in my life and make me see clearer

Frances (24 Oct 2019) 

I have been to see Janie today because I was feeling a bit ‘lost’. She answered everything I needed and made my anxiety calm over things that I can’t change. Would highly recommend. Thank you again.

Mandy (9 Sept 2019) 

ME AT THE CASTLE GROUNDS AT BELVOIR CASTLE. I met this lady on Castle grounds. She was really polite when I asked her about readings and how much she charged. Unfortunately I did not have enough cash on me at the time for a reading. However, she gave me her business card so I could get in touch. I have read the feedback on here and Ican see that she is a well respected genuine lady. I hope when I visit my relatives in the East Midlands again, I can go see her for a reading.

Queenie (29 Aug 2019) 

A truly amazing Lady visited this morning for my 3rd time in 4 years, so warm caring and spot on every time I've seen her. This lady Ohhh yes I would recommend her. Thank you Janie

Donna (14 June 2019) 

Been with my partner for a year now. Janie was spot on with everything she said about him and even the house we moved into 2months ago. Over the last 4/5 years she has given me hope and comfort. She is the only person my dad has ever come through to. I would highly recommend Janie, she is truly gifted and a lovely lady too.

Ann (6 June 2019) 

Just had my reading I won in a competition. Janie was spot on in everything she told me. Can not fault this lady and would highly recommend her 100%. She has gave hope to carry on my fight and see light at the end of a very long tunnel. Thank you so much Janie it meant a lot to me, your such a special Lady xx

Zoe (5 Apr 2019) 

When you look into something like a mediumship reading, it's usually because you are missing someone, so inevitability tears are going to fall - but mine soon subsided & gave way to sheer astonishment! The level of detail was just flooring. Things I've put out into the universe, but haven't told a soul came back to me in my telephone reading. The feeling of relief is immense. It felt like Janie knew me & my loved ones, which in a sense she does, having spent an hour chatting with us all! Can't believe how spot on she got things.Won't be my last time for sure & will be raving about Janie for many days to come x Very friendly lady that has given me all kinds of comfort x Awesome recommendation from a friend, & would highly recommend Janie to anyone x Thank you x

Stephanie (19 Mar 2019) 

Thank you Janie for your reading today, you gave me comfort straight away as you pulled my Nan & Grandad through that have passed and you told me they were guiding me through this difficult journey I am on. My anxiety was really bad at the start of the conversation but you gave me healing so it went. I can't thank you enough for being there for me and giving me positive signs that things will be ok. Your readings have always been right. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Daisy (Spring 2019) 

Great reading. First time I'd done anything like this and pleased I did. Thanks Janie.

Leona (16 Feb 2019)

Janie was so lovely and welcoming into her own home which put me into ease straight away. I had such an amazing experience and I definitely would recommend to anyone!! Thank you so much Janie xxx

Charlotte (14 Feb 2019) 

Really great reading. First time I'd done anything like this and amazed at what Janie knew and had to share with me.

Jo (10 Feb 2019)

Amazing.... just amazing. Told me things that only I knew. Can't wait to see her again.

Camille (2018) 

Janie is a very talented lady. We had a psychic party at my pad. Everybody enjoyed their readings and said how lovely Janie is

Louise (2018) 

Very good xx

Indie (29 Oct 2018) 

I had a reading with Janie for the first time last week. Janie is a lovely lady, really warm and bubbly. Janie lifted me up and gave me some hope just when I needed it and my reading couldn't have been more accurate! I would definitely recommend Janie to others. A magical experience, I cannot wait to see her again.

Lisa Hawkins (14 Oct 2018) 

I went with my daughter to see Janie last week. What a lovely warm and friendly lady. The reading was great, Janie is very intuitive and insightful, she provided lots of accurate information for both myself and my daughter. Very comforting - thank you Janie

Kate P (5 Oct 2018) 

First psychic experience - Janie was so lovely & welcoming (and Nugget the dog, too)!

I will definitely be back! Thank you xo

Kate M (28 Sept 2018) 

Had a phone reading today and well what can I say... WOW everything, almost every little detail of what Janie told me was spot on!!! I'm absolutely amazed, it was so comforting and was emotional when someone came through but I'm gob smacked at the accuracy! I will deffo be having another reading with Janie, she is truly gifted and she's so down to earth and comforting! Thank you so much you have been amazing xxxx

Ashley (23 Sept 2018) 

This was an extraordinary encounter, with an extraordinary psychic. She was welcoming, warm, and funny. Who immediately put you at ease. We requested a 3 way psychic reading with her. It didn’t appear to phase Janie at all. The information came to her thick and fast, and she relayed it very well. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Janie, and I believe my two friends felt the same. Thank you Janie, I’m certain our paths will cross again.

Helen (5 Sept 2018) 

AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE After losing my son it was such a comfort to have a reading with Janie. A lot of questions were answered for me and it has genuinely helped me to move forward. I will be returning for some much needed healing. A heartfelt thanks.

Brenda (4 Aug 2018)

Had a telephone reading this morning as was feeling very confused with the way forward. Janie launched straight in with telling me there were a lot of tears around my situation and my relationship. She even picked up on my exact knee problem just randomly! Janie confirmed lots of things I had a suspicion about and also surprised me with some truths which all made total sense. I am so glad I found her doing a quick search on FB. I will definitely be back!

Debbie (27 July 2018)

I'm amazed how spot on Janie was with my reading. Lovely lady. I will definitely be going back. Thank you.

Linda (21 July 2018) 

Absolutely amazing, Janie was so accurate in everything, would definitely recommend a visit

Isobel (11 July 2018) 

Extraordinary.Nothing hazy or vague. Spot on. No one could have made it up! Just. Extraordinary!

Tom (30 Apr 2018) 

Just arrived home after some much needed healing, feeling very relaxed and ready for a sound night sleep. Thank you so much. Definitely be recommending.

Natalie (23 Mar 2018) 

Had a reading on Tuesday. Was pretty much spot on about everything. Left feeling dazed and still can't stop thinking about it. Janie is so lovely and friendly.

Claire (15 Mar 2018)

Amazing lady who has brought me some comfort and given our family some answers. Will definitely be going to see Janie again.

Pauline (9 Mar 2018) 

Thank you Janie for a most enlightening and emotional reading. I can't wait to see you at my next appt for healing. Your reading was so accurate and I felt very "safe" in your home. I would highly recommend your service for a sense of wellbeing and comfort.

Angie (24 Feb 2018)

Fabulous evening. Janie came to my home and did individual readings for 5 of us and we were all very impressed. Lovely, friendly lady. I started with an open mind but she so accurate with so much of what she told me. I will definitely be seeing her again. Thank you Janie xx

Anon (27 Jan 2018)

Absolutely love seeing Janie, wonderful lady. I’m a regular customer and have enjoyed all my treatments from Waxing, amazing Hot Stone Massage. I walk away so relaxed after Reiki healing and feel “renewed” from within. Readings have been accurate too, things others would not know! Highly recommended Janie

Kevin (19 Jan 2018)

I had a reading for a recently deceased family member. The information was accurate and down to a T. Absolutely brilliant. I felt at ease and wasn't rushed. Would highly recommend, Janie to everyone. Thank you again, Janie.

Mandy (25 Aug 2017) 

Had me in tears not long after I sat down. Names, dates, age, unbelievable. Well worth a visit definitely will recommend and definitely will be going back.

Della (13 Aug 2017) 

Absolutely brilliant. Such a warm friendly lady who is spot on with her readings. I've also had reiki treatments that have made me feel like a different person afterwards. So much weight lifted and a much clearer head. I would highly recommend Janie . Fantastic genuine lady.

Sarah (28 July 2017)

Thank you Janie for such a heart warming, kind, compassionate and relevant reading. I asked beforehand for a specific loved one to come forward and aid me in the decisions before me. Someone who I believe continues to guide me from their spiritual place. You enabled that to happen, and brought back to life their essence and individuality. Unlike other readers, I found your approach sensitive to the privileges your gifts bestow upon you, and your sincerity will stay with me for a long time. May the blessings of kindness light your onward path. Thank you for lightening mine.

Michelle (8 Mar 2017) 

Janie is fantastic, such a lovely lady that makes you welcome and at ease. My reading with her was so accurate it left me stunned, the best reading I've ever had. I have also had some other therapy treatments which were also fantastic, highly recommended

Jade (5 Jan 2017)

Thank-you Janie for my lovely reading last night, you knew everything. I feel so much better and looking forward to seeing you again xx

Natasha (31 Dec 2016) 

Thank you so much Janie for your uplifting and incredibly accurate telephone reading this week. It was just what I needed and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone. You are such a lovely lady with such lovely energy too, I could have chatted to you for ages xx

Sheridan (29 Dec 2016) 

My sister in law had the most amazing telephone reading last night, Janie knew things that would have been impossible for anybody to know, I would highly recommend her to everybody. Just want to say a big thank you as you answered questions we all had and made my sister in law smile.

Camille (14 Nov 2016)

I received a healing hot stone massage from Janie today. I now feel stress free, very relaxed and replenished. Thank you Janie.

Emma (31 Aug 2016) 

I saw Janie today and she made me feel at ease and very comfortable straight away. I was nervous as it is a fairly new experience for me, however she was a really lovely lady and very welcoming. Janie was very accurate with a lot of the things she said and helped me to feel much more confident that I am on the right path. I would definitely recommend her. Thanks Janie.

Joanne (2 Aug 2016)

Thank you so very much. My questions were answered with very accurate information. I came away feeling happier with less worry and ready to tackle my road ahead. She named family that have past and family that are still with us. I strongly recommend her to my family and I shall go and visit Janie again. Once again, Thank you so much Janie. I feel uplifted.

Julia (1 Aug 2016)

Had a telephone reading with Janie. Firstly, I would like to say ‘Thank You’. Secondly, the reading was full of information and some of the events mentioned occurred a few days later. Very kind, thoughtful and I have to say that I found Janie to be a very honest lady. Would highly recommend a visit.

Sharon, Australia (1 July 2016)

I saw Janie in 2011 a few days after I made a life changing decision. She confirmed everything I had decided without me saying anything. 5 years later and I am happily married to the man she named in my reading and everything else she described has also come true.

Loverespec0 (6 June 2016) 

AMAZING! I'm so so so happy I found Janie! Such an amazing lady. Everything she said was so accurate I was so emotional. I would highly recommend her. She put me at ease and I felt so much better after. I can't thank her enough.

Catherine (25 May 2016)

I have just had a reiki session with Janie and as usual I left her house feeling uplifted. Janie puts you at ease and cares about you as a person, you are not just a client when you visit Janie. Janie has given me messages after my treatment from loved ones who have passed on and she has been accurate with what she says. God bless you Janie, I will see you soon x

Simon (12 May 2016)

A very gifted and special psychic - the best and most accurate I have come across.

Donna (6 may 2016) 

WHAT A LOVELY LADY Have just been to see Janie. What a lovely lady and amazingly accurate reading.

Jenny (13 Apr 2016)

Myself and my husband went to see Janie sceptical as never having had a reading before and not sure of what too expect. But we were very impressed with how accurate the reading was. She made us feel at ease and gave us information that only we could have known about. She got everything about us and our relationship spot on. It was amazing. Would definitely recommend.

Cheryl (17 Mar 2016)

Thank you Janie, you were right, I did feel better after I had left. It was a really good reading, you got my Dad and it was spot on with what you said about how he was in life, the way he talked and his! And at the end I could see your real emotion when expressing how he felt watching his loved ones struggle down here. I’m so pleased you could connect us today, it means so much, and reminded me of the bigger picture, that there’s so much more to consider when faced with problems on this earthly plane! Problems had got me beat, today has really lifted so much hurt. I will come again to have healing for sure X

Gav (2 Mar 2016)

I had a reading with Janie today, and I can say that it was most definitely an enlightening experience. She made contact with my deceased Father, which was fantastic, and she described him and his personality perfectly. Janie recognised the difficulties that I am currently experiencing and was able to offer me help, guidance and comfort that my life will get better! She was incredibly accurate with names and there were things she knew that simply blew me away. Thank you Janie! You have turned this self confessed skeptic into a believer.

Emma, Australia (27 Feb 2016)

I had a session with Janie in December 2016. Wow, it was amazing. She was able to connect me with my late mum and late husband in a very personal way - telling me things that were so like them! I felt so at peace when I left. Thank you Janie.

Lauren (14 Feb 2016)

Last night we was let down by a male medium, so I rang Janie at 7pm and she kindly let me and the other six people into her home to give us a reading at such short notice, I’m so so pleased we ended up at Janie’s because she was amazing, everything she said was so accurate, and it gave us all great peace to hear from loved ones who'd passed, you are truly amazing and gifted Janie and I cannot wait to book in for some healing and a future reading.

Nicki (13 Feb 2016)

Just had a reading with Janie tonight and it was truly amazing, everything she said to me had meaning and was accurate, I left feeling blessed and will definitely be going back there, she is such a lovely lady who saw a group of us individually at last minute as we had been let down by someone else and invited us into her house like a true friend. Thank you Janie, it meant a lot xx.

Judy (3 Feb 2016)

I had a consultation with Janie today. The messages from my recently deceased mother were astonishing, completely accurate and explaining aspects of her behaviour and personality which no-one except her very close family could have known. As our relationship was not always easy I experienced a lightening of heart and a sense of healing. Janie told me many other things about my relationships, family and home life all of which were accurate. She is obviously a genuine, kind and very gifted lady who uses her abilities to help others and I have already recommended her to family members.

Julie (18 Jan 2016)

Hi Janie, I just wanted to thank you so much for my telephone reading last week. You have helped me a great deal with all the accurate information you provided and I was amazed at how detailed you were with things that you had no way of knowing anything about. I have seen several psychics over the years but you have been the best by far. I am still thinking about all you’ve told me even days later and I am excited about the changes coming into my life. I would recommend you to everyone and will definitely be back in touch with you. Many thanks x

Jemma (20 Dec 2015)

Just wanting to say a huge thank you! Janie came to do a ladies night and she was fantastic such detail in the readings I was really taken back by how good Janie is. Everyone who had a reading was impressed how spot on she is. A wonderful, talented lady. Already planning my next reading.

Courtney (24 Nov 2015)

I visited Janie yesterday, I wasn’t suppose to be having a reading but I went with a friend who offered me her place! Everything Janie said about my past and present was absolutely spot on! I cant thank her enough for the guidance she gave me yesterday and how much she has changed my outlook on things! Very talented lady and very welcoming! I would highly recommend Janie! Xx

Frank (10 Nov 2015)

I went to go and see Janie a few months and she was amazing. She told me things about me that only I know. I am definitely going back in the new year for another session with her. If you are looking for a psychic to go and see go and see Janie. You will not be disappointed.

Andrea (1 Nov 2015)

Went to see Janie today, absolutely brilliant reading ..made so special by my mum coming through ..Janie represented my mother lovely ..would definitely go again ..very helpful I walked away feeling so peaceful ..thank you Janie

Naomi 31 (Oct 2015)

I first went to Janie for a palm reading, which was very accurate, but it wasn’t until I went for some Reiki sessions that I understood what a truly gifted psychic she is. She is very welcoming and kind. I had a wonderful experience with this lovely lady. I would highly recommend her to anybody. X

Sharna (14 Oct 2015)

I saw Janie all the way back in Feb and she told me I was going to be meeting someone by the name of Lee and that he worked with his hands and had a close connection to London. Well low and behold the next guy I did meet was called Lee and he lived in London working as a mechanic!! We met back in April and unfortunately things didn’t quite work out but I can not believe how spot on she was about him!! Absolutely amazing

Ashleigh (4 Oct 2015)

I was quite nervous about going to see Janie as I didn’t know what to expect but not only is she a lovely women, her accuracy was amazing. I went to connect with a lost loved one and could not have been happier with what was said, I’ll most definitely be going to see Janie again, wonderful at her job and put me right at ease. I highly recommend her.

Amanda (10 Aug 2015)

Visited Psychic Janie today as soon as I arrived she told me everything about myself and the particular things I had gone to see her about. My second visit and each time I have been completely blown away by everything she knew about me and my family, she is such a clever natural talented lady. I cannot describe how much better I felt straight after my visit. I look forward to returning for some spiritual healing. I would highly recommend Janie, her room is beautiful and has such a nice feel to it and she is always very welcoming. Thank you so much Janie

Jodie (3 Aug 2015)

I went to see Janie a few weeks ago and she was amazing! As soon as I walked in the things she said were spot on and there are things that she told me that are already making there way into my life, I would recommend Janie to anyone looking for answers or guidance, this lady is so warm and friendly and just made me feel at ease instantly, I will be coming back xx

Kate (26 July 2015)

Janie’s accuracy in describing my work situation and feelings was outstanding. Even friends who actually know my circumstances would not have been able to pinpoint it that accurately! Her future predictions all made sense in my current context and I really look forward to them happening, and also to seeing Janie again. She is a lovely, gentle and kind soul who is very gifted. Highly recommended.

Jess (20 July 2015)

I have been seeing Janie for a few weeks and she has been so helpful and accurate, a truly gifted lady who I would recommend to anyone, Jx

Tania (17 July 2015)

I have met Janie today and I'm actually glad I did. Did clarify many of my own questions and it does feel like now I know where to go... Im sure I will see her again! I do recommend.

Ray (29 June 2015)

I found Janie very very good and really helpful, so accurate in many areas. Has helped me move forward with my life in so many ways. Many thanks.

Tasha (28 June 2015)

Janie was very helpful and correct on reading I had today. She did my reading over the phone and she knew about my current situation straight away. She could tell me things about my friends and family. She knew things about my situation that I hadn't told anyone. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She certainly made me feel at ease and helped me feel better about my current situation.

Ray (26 June 2015)

Absolutely fantastic, incredibly accurate reading. So right on so many points, unbelievable but true. Very helpful. Very healing. Outstanding in the amount of accuracy. Janie is a very gifted reader, and I would truly recommend her to any one. Thank you so much for bringing clarity into my life. Many many thanks.

Jenny (8 June 2015)

My visit to Janie today was amazing Janie was very good spot on with dates, times etc. I left feeling very satisfied and comforted by what she told me. Highly recommended. Thank you Janie.

Sharan (28 May 2015)

I was really impressed with Janie's reading, she mentioned things no one knew, was accurate about all of it. I left feeling lighter and clearer. I instantly recommended her to my friends. Definitely worth a visit, Janie is not only good she's also nice and warm person. Thank you Janie x

Melissa (16 May 2015)

Has a reading with Janie today and I cant believe how immaculately accurate she was! A be very lovely lady with an amazing talent. Can most definitely recommend to anybody. Thank you x

Sarah (28 Apr 2015)

Me and my mum went to see Janie for the first time she was great. Spot on with a lot of things. We'll be going back in the future. Thank you

Claire (26 Apr 2015)

Had my first reading with Janie today, was truly amazed how accurate she was. Brilliant reading, some lovely things to look forward to and a few things to think about too. Thank you Janie, will definitely be seeing you again xx

Bethany (12 Apr 2015)

I have had readings before but this was my first visit to Janie and by far the best reading I have had. She was very accurate in the reading with telling me about places and specific experiences I have had. Would recommend to all.

Paula and Zoe (4 Apr 2015)

We saw Janie today for a reading and was so amazed at how spot on she was and came away feeling very uplifted she is truly gifted and would definitely recommend her to family and friends 

Liane (24 Mar 2015)

I booked two ladies to do readings for my sisters hen do and Janie had such great feedback compared to the other lady I had to ask the other lady to leave and Janie did everyone's reading. She spent the whole day with us! She was a super star. She was very good at my reading. Helping me face issues and talk to loved ones that had passed. If you go to see her I guarantee that you won't be disappointed. X

Rachael (8 Mar 2015)

I went to see Janie today for the first time. I have had readings done before but Janie was amazing the minute I walked in she had everything spot on. I had all my questions answered that I needed surrounding uncertainties. Janie made me feel at ease straight away and I felt somewhat more positive when I left. She mentioned things that no one knows apart from me. She is truly gifted. Thank you Janie, I will be returning!

Kirstin (7 Mar 2015)

Thank you so much for my amazing reading. I was quite sceptical but you were so accurate it left me speechless. I'll definitely be seeing you again x

Sara (19 Feb 2015)

I came to Psychic Janie with a lot of questions, feeling pretty low and my head was just a mess. Janie was fantastic, incredible with the accuracy of my past and present! I left feeling so much lighter, with a clearer head. Will certainly be recommending to friends and family and will be returning for healing. Thank you!

Brian (19 Feb 2015)

I went to Janie 18th Feb 2015 it was very difficult for me but she told me what I had to know and I am most grateful to her for that will go back again.

Jenny (16 Feb 2015)

I am floored that Janie knew so much and picked up what had gone on in a very difficult time of my life, it was quite amazing that, she picked up on items that no one could of known what had occurred, but she gave me hope for the future, and I will start to rebuild in that hope and working with her in the future. Thank you Janie on an emotional but telling reading and for giving me hope.

Sharna (8 Feb 2015)

Seen Janie this afternoon and oh my god she was amazing. I have seen a few psychics before but she has got to be the best by far! I would recommend her to everyone who needs some guidance in their life. I left there feeling much more positive, thank you so much

Amy (1 Feb 2015)

Spot on with what Janie said regarding a difficult period of my life. Very emotional at times. Will certainly see Janie again.

Shelbie (29 Jan 2015)

Went to Janie to have a reading done this evening. She was absolutely brilliant. Told me things that she couldn't have ever guessed. And also helped me get some answers from a loved one I have tragically lost recently, which meant a lot to me. Highly recommend to anyone!! She also gave me hope at a very low point in my life! Thank you Janie will be coming back again x

Faye (29 Jan 2015)

Very informative and interesting hour spent with Janie. Astounded by her accuracy and many things made sense during my session. Would highly recommend and will definitely see her again.

Helen (27 Jan 2015)

Always a fabulous reading. So accurate - I have had many readings with Janie and all of them have been brilliant. A lovely lady. Thank you and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Sandra (17 Jan 2015)

I visited Janie this afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and can't believe how much was true. Very emotional at times. But also happy

Diane (10 Jan 2015)

Thank you Janie, for an amazing reading. Very emotional, but very accurate. Came away full of emotion but felt very loved. Thank you so much. x

Danielle (6 Jan 2015)

Visited Janie a few days ago and what an amazing lady. She puts you at ease straight away. I have never done anything like this before and I am so glad I did. It was very emotional experience but a very good one. Everything she said was right made so much sense. Will be going back, thank you Janie

Anonymous (13/12/2014)

I came to see Janie the other day with a friend and I was totally amazed about the whole experience. Janie went through my whole past, present and future and I was really surprised how accurate she was about my life. I'm looking forward to seeing her again

G (5/12/2014)

I felt I was guided to talk to Janie through phone tonight although it was already quite late and I hadn't had an appointment with Janie before. She was very very nice and considerate, and was very accurate and professional. I was comforted and enlightened by her guidance. I will definitely recommend her to everyone, and will go and see her in person in the future. Thanks, Janie! Love xxxx

Sophie (5/11/2014)

I went and saw Janie last night and I can not believe how accurate the reading was for everything past and present and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with my future. She told me things that nobody could have known, it is the first time I have ever done anything like this and I sat and cried the whole way through. Both of my grandads and my husbands dad came through to me. Janie is a very talented lady and I can't wait to visit her again!!

Chelsee (4/11/2014)

Had the most accurate reading, was amazing how she picked up what I was feeling and made me feel so much better about things. A massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel like I can move on with life. I've been telling friends and family about her for days and to go see her. Thank you x

Anonymous (4/11/2014)

Absolutely amazing read. Had everything major going on in my life as soon as I sat down, was a very emotional session for myself, but Janie being such a caring and nice person made me feel very at ease just by her tone and nature. Will be going again. Highly recommended.

Danielle (27/10/2014)

I would like to say a big thank you to Janie. She made me feel at ease and comforted through a brilliant reading with near enough all being accurate !!! It was very emotional and at times funny which Janie shared with me, lets hope the hunky man I'm due to meet does make an appearance soon. Brilliant going back for Reiki next and a friends having a reading cannot wait thanks Janie !!!

Emma (16/10/2014)

Janie is amazing. I feel so much better after going to see her today. I was blown away by the accuracy or my reading... I needed lots of tissues, although sad tears became happy tears by the end of my visit. Janie is so kind and caring. I would recommend everyone to go and see her xx Thank you Janie xx

Lynne 27/9/14

Visited Janie on recommendation from work colleagues. The reading she gave was very accurate and detailed, some information was known only to me and the reading reassured me and answered many of the questions I needed answers to.

Kristie (1/9/14)

Thank you Janie for the most amazing reading. You knew so much about me. Your reading was amazing and you predicted some great things which I can wait to see happen. I hope you continue what your doing because your great at it. I would definitely recommend Janie for a reading!!

Gina (23/08/14)

I have just got back from seeing Janie tonight and I am truly amazed at what she told me. She told me of things that had happened in my past, good and bad, and even told me 2 of my brothers names she picked up on so many things. I have come away feeing really pleased and warm hearted. I would truly recommend Janie too anyone. She told me things that no one else would no. Thank you Janie x

Michele (16/08/14)

Thank you Janie for the reading this afternoon. It was very emotional but so spot on. I wasn't sure why I wanted the reading but realised it was to make contact with my dad and to know that he was happy and content now. I will certainly come again for another reading in the future. xxx

Pauline (25/7/2014)

Thank you for fitting me in and for the friendly face you have, you made me feel close to my family again and told me lots of my past and hopefully my future will be as you said. I was happy with my reading and will definitely come back. Thank you.

Jenny (11/07/14)

I really enjoyed my reading last night. Janie was really good she got so much stuff right including names and gave me such good advice. The room was such a glowing warm place. She has made me feel so much more positive and happier. Thank-you

Teresa (02/07/2014)

Janie you are fantastic. Everything you said was amazing and I did leave with a positive and lighter head and can't wait to see what happens. Thanks again for an amazing reading

Claire (24/06/14)

Thank you Janie for fitting me in for an appointment at such short notice. You very quickly tuned in to how I was feeling and gave me some sound advice on the way forward. A lot of what you told me is still clicking into place and one of your predictions manifested at lightning speed! I am looking forward to my Reiki session and seeing you again next week : x

Fiona (22/06/14)

Janie was lovely. I cried all the way through the reading and she wasn't phased by it at all. I felt that there was no rush and there was time for questions at the end which were answered with present knowledge. Interestingly she told me I would meet a tall stocky man likely with the initial J. And, I actually have a date this Saturday with someone fitting that description. She even got my ex boyfriend name. Best reading I've had for years. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

Kerry (20/06/14)

I went to meet Janie today with my daughter as we both had a reading, she was very accurate on both our readings. Mine was quite an upsetting case, which I know was very hard for Janie, but my son came through loud and clear and now won't leave her alone!! Something I know he would do. So thank you Janie for all your help, were so pleased we came to you today x

Ian (08/06/2014)

Hi I have seen Janie 4 times now, I am relatively sceptical person but I have been amazed by Janie's accuracy and knowledge, this has helped me get through some difficult times in the last 18 months. The Reiki session was also excellent to get rid of some stress and give me new energy and focus. Would fully recommend

Julia (06/06/2014)

What can I say - BRILLIANT, 5 star readings.. Janie is kind, caring, sweet and honest and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. Thank you sweet lady

Anonymous (26 May 2014) 

Janie is a truly gifted lady who was very accurate about past and present events I would definitely recommend Janie for a reading it was very comforting.

Emma (26/05/2014)

Me and my mum had our first meeting with Janie today and straight away she picked up on my father who passed away a year ago. She was so accurate with past events and also what my dad looked like and things he did without prompt... truly remarkable lady with a fantastic gift and so helpful we both felt much happier and more at peace after our visit, I would highly recommend Janie, what a lovely lady. Thank you so much xxx

Nikki (24/05/2014)

Today was the first time I had visited Janie. Well I am in shock, she told me things only I would know. She has a gift, will be going back. It took nearly a year for me to make an appointment, wish I had gone sooner. I will tell my friends she is brill, thanks Janie xx

Hannah (25/03/14)

I have been to Janie a few times, she has been spot on with things she has told me, and I have recommended her to others xx

Anonymous (17 Mar 2014) 

Excellent. 5 Stars

Amanda (09/03/14)

Thank you Janie, I visited you last month. I was totally amazed as it was unbelievable 100% accurate. I would definitely go back again. She gave me ease and relax. I would highly recommend Janie as she is honest and professional. I can see myself in a clear picture and my shoulders lifted after I visited Janie.


I went to see Janie today. Janie was so friendly and that made me feel so at ease. Janie got a lot of things right and I will be recommending her to friends and family. Thanks Janie xx

Charlotte (02/03/14)

Dearest Janie! From the moment I arrived today, I felt tremendous warmth. Janie is a wonderful person who is both incredibly talented and exceptionally kind. Readings past and present were very accurate and Janie gave really good insight and guidance with the future. Cant wait to go back. X

Teresa (22/02/14)

Thank Janie you were spot on I will recommend you for sure lovely reading and few tears share thank again xx

Ellen (20/02/14)

I went to see Janie last year and I just put a testimonial on but I would recommend Janie to anyone. She was more than accurate. I would go see Janie again truly a lovely lady.

Julie (12/02/14)

Me and two friends went. We all through she was brilliant. I was very sceptical but I was very surprised a lot of what was say was spot on!

Lindsay (31/01/14)

Thank you Janie for my brilliant reading today, totally bowled me over with how accurate you were, will certainly be recommending to you to all my friends and family, thank you so much, you are truly gifted : x

AH (18/01/14)

Thank you Janie, you have helped me so much! Your psychic skills are first class. 100% accurate throughout. It was very emotional for me but you have lifted a big black cloud. I will definitely recommend you, I will definitely be back again?

Samantha (16/01/14)

Was amazing defo going back! And have already referred family and friends.

Barbara (7/1/2014)

I have visited Janie for readings many times, and she is always kind and understanding. Her readings are so accurate, and reassuring, that I when I leave am uplifted and full of hope. I trust her completely, because she gives me information that only my family would know. A lovely lady. Thank you, Janie.


I went to see this lady shortly after my brother had past away. I found the whole reading very emotional and pertinent to the situation I was in. It was very touching and she said things that were very accurate. She actually used phrases that my brother actually said. Thank you.

Clare (30/10/13)

Had my second reading with Janie today everything spot on again past present and future I will be having another reading soon. I would highly recommend her definitely worth a visit very kind and gifted lady. Thanks again Janie X

Jennifer (10/10/13)

Visited Janie today, never been to a psychic/clairvoyant before and omg was I impressed. Janie instantly made me feel at ease and relaxed. She told me things about my past present and future that were spot on and she knew so many things with no prompting from myself that no one else could have known. She reassured me about my present situation and I will be recommending her to all my friends and family. Janie is a lovely very insightful lady thank you.

Jacqui (31 Aug 2013) 

EXTRAORDINARY READING I highly recommend Janie as a genuine, honest and gifted lady. I came away from a recent visit stunned by how much accurate information she was able to tell me about my past. I am hopeful that the future she predicted will be as accurate. Lovely lady in a lovely setting. Thank you

Rose (7/6/13)

Janie is an amazing lady would recommend anyone to go see her, she made me feel really comfortable and spoke a lot of truth and now makes me think about stuff differently.


Janie is lovely and made me feel relaxed straight away! And she knew things about me that no one did. And names of friends too and trust me these names are not common names! Thanks Janie once again! I will be back xx

Kev (19/05/13)

Excellent, so relaxing, well worth a visit!

Sharne (18/05/13)

This lady is a true star, not only are her readings spot on, her beauty treatments are just as fabulous, she puts a 100 percent effort in every appointment I have ever attended! She is a lovely person who makes you feel at ease, a breath of fresh air, you would be a fool to miss out, I would never go anywhere else since I have found Janie x

Shaun (07/04/2013)

Absolutely fantastic!!! I would recommend Janie to anyone, she told me things no one else knew. She even took some of the characteristics of my late wife which was amazing. I will definitely use her again

Helen (03/04/2013)

Visited for the first time today - it was a revelation! Janie is very gifted and gave great insight into my life, past, present and future. She was very friendly and so easy to talk to. I will be back again soon. Thank you Janie.

Michael Angelo (5/3/13)

I had a reading with Janie which I found to be very pertinent to my situation. She not only connected with people who are very important in my life but she gave details about things that I have not received from any other Psychic to date. Janie is both very authentic and sincere and I would like to recommend her if you are considering a reading.

Chloe-Marie (6/1/13)

Hello All! I could not recommend anyone above Janie with what she does. She is a lovely gentle and honest lady. I felt wonderfully relaxed and well looked after in her warm and welcoming home. Janie managed to tell me things that really helped me put my mind at ease. She knew names, places and images that were so relevant to my life with no prompt or information about me whatsoever. Janie is a very talented lady and I can honestly say I had one of the best experiences of my life when I went to see her. I will be booking lots more appointments no doubt and I can't wait for my next massage, that was purely perfect. Thank you so much Janie! xx

Patricia (31/12/12)

I had my first visit today to Janie on New Years Eve. What a wonderful experience and a very special lady. Her reading was totally amazing and so accurate about me and my family and close friends I feel sure

Helen (15/12/12)

Lovely lady made me feel very welcome and impressed me with her reading of me and my family. Took a lot of comfort from her comments.

Bizzyb (23 Aug 2012) 

FANTASTIC So friendly and welcoming I felt so at ease. I would highly recommend Janie

Julia (28/6/12)

Very impressive.. would highly recommend. Lovely/talented lady

Karen (31/5/12)

This lady is amazing, she reads so many different types of cards, tea leaves, coffee grains, charms, you name it she can do it, a very talented medium and clairvoyant, very comfortable and easy to talk to, she tells you names and facts and is pretty much spot on. I highly recommend that everyone should go and see her, fantastic!!

Neavey (09/10/2011) 

I can highly recommend Janie as a genuine, honest and professional lady who has been given this gift as an incredible psychic. I always feel so lifted after seeing her and she has picked up so many things that no one else could know. She always seems to pick up on things before I've even got there!!! Lovely lady.

Pauline (27 Sep 2011) 

Janie is a superb therapist. Having gone to see her today for a reiki treatment and facial, I was so relaxed this afternoon that I slept for two hours, something I never usually do! I could not recommend her highly enough.

Catherine (20/09/2011) 

I have known Janie for a few years now and would recommend her to anyone for treatments and for readings. Janie has told me things that have been accurate in her predictions in an honest way. Janie is friendly and I always look forward to seeing her, she has a knack of making you feel better.

Mrs K (03/09/2011) 

Fantastic reading, a truly gifted lady who is extremely approachable, friendly and very talented at reading people. I have never met a person who has said so much to me before even reading my palms, the information she gave was accurate combined with names I am definitely going to see her again, I highly recommend without any doubt, thank you Janie, see you soon XX

Natasha (30/08/2011) 

I have been going to see Janie for over five years now for all sorts of treatments. I can highly recommend all of them. Janie is a wonderful person and is very genuine and has a remarkable psychic ability. Janie has helped me so much over the years and become a good friend as well as an excellent therapist. All in all AMAZING, go and see for yourself x