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Client Testimonials

What They’re Saying

I found Janie amazingly accurate, she gave me clarity and understanding when needed most which was during a very difficult period after losing my mum suddenly and unexpectedly. Janie has been pivotal in my excepting and moving forward Thank you

Janie is such a lovely lady. I had an amazing reading from her yesterday. I had 4 friends also have readings same day and we all agreed that her accuracy was spot on . Her information she gave was so amazingly accurate . I am looking forward to things she said will be happening and would 100% recommend her . I will be getting a reading again after Christmas as she does advise 6 months before another reading. she does not rush you and will make sure that you have all the information and will even answer any questions you have. Definitely best I have ever seen and will only see Janie going forward. Thank you Janie xx

I was blown away with the reading Janie gave me yesterday, despite it being through video call, this didn't make a difference. Janie gave insight into health issues that not even my GP knew about, she mentioned several things in detail that no one could have possible known. She described things I was feeling as though she was feeling them herself, she is a true healer with an astonishing gift. I have visited a few mediums before, with out a doubt Janie is the most accurate and powerful medium I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you so much Janie!

Janie is amazing! The things she said that came true were just incredible and not something at all that could have happened to anyone. So individualised and I came away feeling calm and much more positive. Can’t wait to visit her again! X

My meeting with Janie couldn’t have gone any better, easing my mind and the way I was feeling. Words were spoken to me that I only knew, and to finish it off she mentioned a watch I had in my pocket and who’s it was, literally the cherry on top for me!

I have been to see Janie today because I was feeling a bit ‘lost’. She answered everything I needed and made my anxiety calm over things that I can’t change.
Would highly recommend.
Thank you again.

just had my reading i won in a competition. Janie was spot on in everything she told me. can not fault this lady and would highly recommend her 100%. she has gave hope to carry on my fight and see light at the end of a very long tunnel. Thank you so much Janie it ment a lot to me, your such a special Lady.xx

Been with my partner for a year now. janie was spot on with everything she said about him and even the house we moved into 2months ago.. over the last 4/5 years she has given me hope and comfort . She is the only person my dad has ever come through to . I would highly recommend Janie, she is truly gifted and a lovely lady too.

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